My Hands Are Blessed Crafts

My Hands Are Blessed Crafts

Hello, Moses A. O. Ashola a.k.a asmocrafts (Ola-Jesu3) is my name. I
am an Artist,a Crafter, a Calligrapher, Designer, Woodworker, and a
Teacher. I major in Painting, Beadwork on flat board,Calabash
Carving,Applied Calligraphy on wood,veneer,cards,paper craft,general
Calligraphy. I've been practicing Art and Craft since age 5. I went to
Technical College to major in Carpentry and Joinery, but do go during
the free time to another department called Painting and Decorating to
learn further about my inborn talent on Fine Art.It was at P&D
department I came about the self-taught Art Books, The Walter Foster
'How To Draw Art Books' and 'Pen & Brush Lettering & Alphabets' 15th
Edition- Bland Ford Press. After practicing so much with these books
and after graduating as a Carpenter and Joiner, I enrolled for General
Certificate of Education (GCE) in Fine Art,and I passed even without
any Teacher or Coach to prepare me for the exam.Since then, I've been
honing my God given talent till date. I love every aspects of my
areas,all of them enables me to express myself deeply,and many people
likes my works very much. I am a Registered Teacher, I teach Carpentry
& Joinery, General Woodwork, Technical Drawing (Mechanical & Building)
Building Dr aught-man-ship, Fine Art, Fret-Woodcarving craft, Applied
Calligraphy and Calligraphy. Thank you.

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