Mike Leahy has been painting since 1985 He started on the dining room table with acrylics and canvas boards, which he liked because they dry fast so that he could pack them away each morning before going to work. He packed up his equipment in about 1990 and it wasn't until 2010 that he took the box of paints and brushes out, dusted everything down and started again. He found some of the tubes of paint still useable and painted on some cardboard boxes, testing himself out. He has been painting ever since trying different styles. Mike enjoys being creative and still embraces different techniques and ideas.

He has now moved from the small studio in his garden to a larger light, bright studio in an artists working community, where he spends much of his time creating different styles and using different media. He has made puppets and masks and is looking forward to trying his hand at clay sculptures in the near future. He makes short videos, most of which have been about local events and some will be seen on this site shortly.

He is self taught, apart from a short 6 weeks painting course in 1987. But it is only in the last few months that he has concentrated and spend some time every day producing work. He loves experimenting and likes creating large abstracts and smaller landscapes. He doesn't like to linger on too much detail and believes that paintings should leave much to the imagination. For detailed pictures he says "Photographs shows the smallest detail accurately and I love looking at great photos." and that can be overkill for him as a Creative. "A painting allows you to use your mind, fill in the gaps and use your imagination. Painting is creating on a broader canvas, literally, and in my case without the minutea detail."
He has studied contemporary works and enjoys different styles and techniques. He prefers large canvases and bold primary colours, which he says allows him to express his thoughts and ideas in a broader way. You can see the energy and dynamic strokes in each abstract work." They can light up a room and bring your imagination alive. Look into my work and you may see distictive unintentional forms. Just relax and look carefully, let your mind break free. I let my thoughts take control and my brushes and palette knives take on a new life" he said.
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