Ashwini Biradar

Ashwini Biradar

Ashwini Biradar is a native of Bombay, India. She got involved in art at the age of 5. She got her first recognition as a best child artist at the age of 8. She participated in various arts competition from school to college level and won many recognition's.

In 2005 she completed University graduation in Arts then moved to Colorado Springs, USA in 2007. The picturesque landscape of Rocky mountains re ignited her childhood passion. This is the place where she got inspired by nature's beauty and started making professional landscape paintings. Since then there is no looking back for her. She participated in various local art exhibitions and shows in this area.

She believes to experiment and learn new techniques in landscape and seascape paintings and loves to share her techniques and ideas.

In 2014 she completed her certification as a Bob Ross Landscape Instructor which not only helped her to enhance her ideas and techniques but also opened door to whole new word of Landscape painting.

Artist Statement:
I am passionate about nature and its colors, lights, patterns and beauty. I feel fortunate to have a skill that brings nature's beauty on canvas.
I think art is a beautiful medium through which I can capture the nature's beauty and its endless colors and patterns to share with others.

Landscape Collection (Oil 18x24)

LandScape Collection (Acrylic)