Ashley Seifert

Ashley Seifert

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Pendants come with a free necklace which can be a chain or fake leather depending on what I feel looks best, if you have a request please write it in your order.

How it started:
My Uncle Jon painted so much as I was growing up I never understood what he intended on doing with all his paintings. I admired his freedom of expression, being an introvert I had trouble expressing myself. I was good at science and math but art was intimidating. Like most things, painting was something I quit before I ever picked up a canvas, and so I didn't try for years. When my uncle passed away unexpectedly from a drug overdose I cherished his artwork. None of which was framed. When I went out looking for frames one day I pulled up to a store that I thought looked unique and would have what I wanted. I had no idea what size his art was or what I was looking for. I walked in and they had beautiful frames but without knowing what size I needed it was pointless. There was ,however, a sale on acrylic paints and canvas. Spontaneously I grabbed 60.00 worth of supplies I was sure would end up in my craft trunk where my good ideas go to die, a similar space I would compare to my crisper drawer in the refrigerator. Spur of the moment I used to buy supplies for projects, lose enthusiasm, and they went to the craft trunk to stay. This time was different. I tried painting all different styles at first. Trying to learn as much as I could from the internet. I was unhappy with every painting and unhappy with my progress but continued to watch tutorials. Following through on this burst of passion was the most alive I had felt in years. While jumping around on YouTube looking for the next technique I wanted to try learning I came across acrylic dirty pouring. Assuming this was easy I attempted and failed ignorantly. I didn't understand why throwing some colors onto a surface looked so easy but would not come together on my canvas the same way. I started to research. Low and behold there was a science that came into this. I needed more supplies, mediums, torches, silicone, more canvas, more color, paint thinner, things i have never heard of, cups of all sizes and lastly persistence and patience. Even with all the right things in front on me I mixed and stirred and only felt I got lucky sometimes. I started measuring and using ratios, I found there is no right recipe and that I had to create my own, one that would work specifically with my paints. The science behind the color buoyancy blew my mind. I finally found it, i finally started to get the results I wanted and I was ecstatic. I never experienced a passion before. Each work of art I create has my heart and soul in it. To share a small piece of that with this world I could only hope for.

Bracelets/Full Necklaces-$18.00

Pendants- $15

16x20----20x16inch $80-100

Sale Items, various sizes