Hi my name is Ashley!

I am a unique artist and I have had a passion for drawing since I was very little and art has always been apart of my life. I enjoy creating lots of colorful pieces and I feel like a nice black and white piece can shout just as loud as a colorful vibrant piece!

I love making art for all walks of life but especially children because art is so unique to each person and it is inspiring in so many ways, as well as relaxing and I feel that is important for our children's growth.

Our imagination is endless to creating whatever we want and art is an amazing way to show it!

I hope you enjoy my art and it finds its way into your hearts and your homes, and relaxing to the ways the lines move and the colors blend creating shapes and images stimulating your head :)

All my pieces are original art work.
Most favorite things to draw is fantasy, dreamscape worlds, animals and nature.

If you are interested in my art and would like to get in touch please feel free to reach me at:

Ashley Russell