Asliyah Meeajan

Asliyah Meeajan

Artist Bio:
Asliyah Meeajan (Nov. 1998), from Mauritius.
Actually studying in France. I have always been painting, drawing, creating since the age of 8 and even before.

1st acrylic on canvas work was at the age of 13 (2012), it was a duplicate of a classical painting. I had to paint a blue dress with impressive folds in it.

2nd painting was in (2014) - projet entitled "Sparing competition" - it was for my O level exams. The focus was on two fighter painted in white for their dobok.

My best work is the one I made at the age of 18 which is still in teenage room in Mauritius. It was about travel and adventure.

I have had the occasion to paint many more acrylic on canvas. - most of my paintings are in Mauritius.

Technique used : Acrylic colours or mixed media. (I tend to sew on the canvas to add some 3D effects.)

Method : drawing with pencil or a pen before painting. no pre-sketches on paper.

Style : the ideas comes from my imagination, reality base

Acrylic on Canvas