I’m an artist from Los Angeles, CA.
Majored in Graphic Design and studied academic drawing techniques.

Over the years I’ve always worked in the creative world but none of it rather than making an actual artwork, really spoke to my hearth deeply enough to express myself rightfully and achieve true happiness.

In my mid-life I’ve changed my direction. I took a big risk to close my brick and mortar shop to fully focus on making art. No regrets ever since.

I fell in love with antique tapestries and embroidery work when my husband and I opened our home décor store in LA in 2006-2012
Colors and patterns on the tapestries are like history books to me.
Each one tells a tale and variety of emotions from different cultures.
It takes immense planning, precision and many long hours to create one. For me each thread shows a hearth-felt sweat and admirable patience.

Because of my passion towards embroidery besides I love challenges, I had to incorporate the technique into my artwork in a contemporary way. That’s how the “Bridge” series and the “Theory of Light” series came in to life.

I am highly influenced by my dreams, consciousness, the meaning of life, and world politics. So there is no shortage of subjects for me.

That’s why you see different techniques and subjects on my canvases. Each one speaks about me and the whole makes me who I am today.

In all these years my mind was filled with ideas but never had time to execute them. Now I’m anxious to bring each one in to life.

Please enjoy my artworks. I hope they speak to your hearts as well.

Love, Peace & Gratitude.

Acrylic Paintings