Arum Creative Studios

Arum Creative Studios

Arum Creative Studios (#localartpromo) is an online art gallery in South Africa. We showcase work of contemporary emerging artists from all over the world. Works range from oils, acrylics to multimedia prints.

We handpicked the artists whom we represent.

Arum Creative Studios also showcases a range of decorative wall art. Buyers will notice that some images seem to repeat themselves. We decided to offer different styles and renderings of works so that buyers can choose images that best suit their preferences.

Hector Valladares

Hartmut Jager

Fortunato Garcia

Elissa Anthony

Caroline Heydenrych

Basie Geerdts

Antoinette Vorster

Suzanne May

Aleksandra Philips

Marina Browning

Ernesta Clark

Mighta Makhutle

Cornelie Wolff