LindArt  Studio

LindArt Studio

Hello everyone,
Welcome to my page on Artpal.

My name is Linda.So happy to having you visiting my page and being interested in my art.
I developed my artistic talent from an early age.I have always been amazed by landscapes and the beauty of nature.

I love painting and my work is one of a kind art.I am really proud of the great artists that taught me.
My favorite artist is Oscar Claude Monet.

I create original, abstract paintings, palette knife paintings, 100% hand painted,heavy textured paintings on canvas, ready to hang.
Among my paintings you can find delicate color tones, peaceful and warm landscape paintings, flower paintings, cherry blossom trees, plum trees, birch trees, autumn, sunset seascape paintings.

I use acrylic and oil paint on canvas.I also like to experiment with paint and colors,using not only different techniques,but also using pastels,or different type or paint,mix media on canvas,to express my ideas and feelings.

My paintings are full of colors and life. I hope you will enjoy them.

I would be happy to extend my passion and love for art, and my artistic work into your homes by contacting me:
email address:

Thank you.


Life is beautiful

LindArt Studio