Nisha is a Canadian acrylic artist,residing in the Canada with her loving husband and two gorgeous daughters,Her passion for the art began at the age of 4 years through dance and Sketching.

Her mother is a huge support for her paintings. Though graduated with Master’s degree in Labour Management, her passion for paintings had never changed.

She took painting seriously and started painting for family and friends,when she started volunteering as a Teacher’s Assistant in British Columbia. Her mother,teacher,a close friend and the kids she had worked with at the school, were her inspiration. Her art style is contemporary, still life, surreal and abstract.

Her works are based on personal memories like the beauty of mother nature around her and which have caught her attention. Goal of her paintings is to bring the aspiring beauty of mother nature into the homes.
What she love to do till today is exploring different acrylic mediums, tools and techniques in order to reveal the things that inhabit her imagination in the best possible way on a canvas. She has recently started using Air Brush techniques and also acrylic on wood,acrylic on Rocks.

Nisha's Paintings