Andrew Alan Art

Andrew Alan Art

My name is Andrew Alan Johnson and I abandoned the
world of Graphic Design to focus on painting. In particular
I paint wild flowers and all kinds of floral pieces, but I also
like to produce landscapes and forest art.

I use mainly acrylics and I relish applying the paint in thick layers and
manipulating it on the board or canvas.

I have gone further with my art, into actually hand sculpting the base layer of the artwork before creating the painting over the top. This adds an extra dimension of depth to the reality of my creations, that reproduce brilliantly into limited edition prints also etc.

Because, primarily I am a self representing new emerging artist, I am able
to benefit my customers when purchasing their original
piece. I do this by producing quality, competitively priced
and affordable artworks. Each piece of original art comes
with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity from