Artwork XL - Monique de Kruijk

Artwork XL - Monique de Kruijk

Mixed media artist Monique de Kruijk was born on May 19th, 1988 and lives in Breda, the Netherlands. Her home studio is also located in Breda, where her artworks are made. Her collections consist largely of contemporary mixed media artworks, in which different materials and techniques are used interchangeably. She makes modern pop art as well abstract expressionist paintings. For her, both art-movements are characterized by creative freedom and the power of wonder.

She works passionately on creating original, unique and powerful images with their own character and emotion. There are particularities in every painting, which continue to attract the eye of the art viewer. All paintings have something special, are unique and an eye-catcher for every room.

After the publication of her pop art collection Sounds, it was talked about with much praise, so that interest in her works quickly rose.

A passion for music and art has always motivated her in life. These two sources of inspiration come together in her collection Sounds. She calls it "remixing with images", in which she makes derivative works from recognizable images of icons. These paintings are not made on canvas, but on a background of forgotten objects, music tapes. The power of the nostalgic feeling of the tapes in combination with the black and white portrait and use of color gives a beautiful retro look to the wall that you can't get enough of.  Working with materials and images started as an experiment, but the enthusiasm to create something new and unique eventually led to her beautiful collection Sounds.

Monique also makes contemporary art on canvas. These are colorful pop art paintings, on which mainly women are painted in a powerful way. And besides portraits, she also creates abstract paintings, in which she experiments and plays with complete freedom in a world of colors, movements and rhythms. Every day she makes new discoveries with acrylic and spray paints. New additions and materials are constantly being used to create a colorful, modern painting.

These modern, abstract paintings take the viewer into a world of new discoveries.

Since childhood, Monique has been experimenting with materials and techniques to create something special. Her creativity always sought a way to that one unique and original image by mixing different media. Over the years she has followed all kinds of painting and sculpture courses to improve herself.

With her creativity and originality she always stood out, she turned out to have a talent for this. During her school period she was noticed by art teachers and she was advised to attend the art academy in Utrecht to further develop her talents. Ultimately, Monique chose to work as a teacher in primary- and special needs secondary education, because she had always been told that it is important to practice a real profession with job security. Despite doing this work with great love and admiration for her students, she stopped teaching in 2015. Then Monique started doing office work so that she had more time to focus on her creative work. She also wanted to use her time to explore her possibilities in the art world. By making this change in lifestyle, more free time was available in which many experimental works of art have been created. During this period she also developed a strong preference for abstract and modern pop art. Experimenting within these art styles, she has developed her own style, eventually resulting in a collection with original, characteristic, own work. Her collection Sounds  was seen by art lovers shortly after its publication and has been received with much appreciation and interest by the general public.

In 2021 Monique decided to start working as a professional artist. Meanwhile, her stylish, modern artworks cross many borders, en route to a forever home.

Contemporary Pop Art

Collection Sounds

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