Artwork by Krysia

Artwork by Krysia

My name is Krysia Mosley and I am a visual artist living and working in Richmond, Victoria.

I have always loved to draw, paint and create. I concentrate mainly on (but do not limit myself to) streetscapes, skylines and cityscapes, selling original paintings and also producing and selling 100 limited edition signed and numbered prints of my ‘Iconic District’ series that you see on this website. I also do commissions for those wanting something a little more personal.

My style is contemporary, lively and colourful; inadvertently inspired by my large and noisy family (I have seven children, one husband and two cats). I mainly work at the kitchen table, surrounded by many little hands wanting to touch, budding artists attempting to copy my work, and a soundtrack of constant chatter.

I hope you find as much pleasure in my artwork as I find in creating it.