Ralph Nena


My name is Ralph. I am an artist and am enjoying the life as a painter...most of the time. Well, i spend almost all of my time alone in the studio thinking about life and painting. In my works of late, I try to approach each painting in a slightly different way than before, sort of expand on the limits i have imposed on myself from earlier works. In a way, I enjoy the challenges that comes with doing something new, like not knowing the final outcome until you make it happen. Translating an idea through the medium of paint can be a difficult process. But when i succeed in finding something new or insightful, it is thrilling to experience that moment of clearity, sheer bliss; but art is fickle and bliss does not often come, so i paint on. Anyways, I hold a master's degree in fine arts, drawing and painting, from San Jose State University. i am married to sweet and lovely woman and have two wonderful, beautiful kids.

Grand Machine

Animal Life



Horse Series


Flower pieces

Potted Plant Series