Been part of the artworld has been one of my greatest achievements in life. Whether by creating my own art, representing other artists, teaching art in different levels, and working for reputable art centers, museums, and galleries. One of my greatest satisfactions is when a person admires my work enough to want to own one of my pieces.

I believe art should be available to everyone. It's something that brings joy to people, and not just for decorating reasons. People that have the gift of talent should share it with others. That's my feeling.

Creating art whether is a painting, a drawing, a sculpture or a piece of jewelry, takes me into a world that only another artist can understand. It's a transformation of our soul, and if we can share that feeling visually with others, then we have achieved our purpose.

Hope you enjoy my virtual gallery. I exhibit my artwork in local art centers in the area but want to make it more available to others. Thank you.

Gallery - Originals

Cards. Prints. Reproductions.