Sasha Brock... Painting Poetry

My name is Sasha & I am an artist; created by the world I grew up in. My mom passed when I was very young & Foster Care was my childhood for over 16 years. I am of mixed race which made the complications of racism of all sides obvious & interfered with me having a stable environment during childhood. When I aged out at 18; I chose to continue the art path I felt that kept my mind from falling apart... I've done many odd jobs; gained multiple skills; & continue to broaden my sights in all I can while continuing to create; to paint; & to live life with the cards dealt. I try my best to be apart of the change our world so desperately needs. I also write poetry from time to time; I connect poetry to visual & @ times; the images come together & tell a story; some of my paintings are like reciting a poem without words; poetry through imagery alone...
Hence "Painting Poetry".