Ramona Balaz-Schmidt

Ramona Balaz-Schmidt


Born in the city of London, Ontario, Ramona’s affinity for art became apparent at an early age.

As early as age five, she was drawing realistic human figures and developing perceptions of depth and perspective in her drawings. Working and studying under many art teachers throughout school, her work has been featured in many art shows, has won awards, and has appeared in magazines.

This encouraged her to continue refining her skills and techniques to ever higher levels and ultimately develop her own distinctive style.

Ramona has been painting for the last thirteen years professionally for private homeowners and businesses. She now lives outside Seattle, Washington and works primarily in the Greater Puget Sound area.

Possessing a strong sense of composition, flair for realism, and attention to detail, Ramona creates striking, original works that add depth, interest, and character to interior spaces. She works extensively with each client to help bring their unique vision and tastes to brilliant realization.