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artsurrealbyCW ltd

Registered Company Profile
We are a registered artist company (artsurrealbyCW ltd) in England.

Christine Wrobel is Scottish artist creating original high quality surreal images in her unique style for printing on the best quality canvas mounted on wooden stretch frames.

Christine’s productions are copyright protected and usually produced in limited, numbered editions. All works bear her signature and year of creation.
A label with our company logo, date, edition number, and title of the print is attached to the back of the print.

Larger sizes and unlimited numbers can be produced should the client wish an exclusive arrangement. Please contact us by email at

Christine Wrobel Profile
Christine Wrobel is a Scottish artist. Since an early age she has been involved in art always sketching people & places, later A-Level Art then studied art at college.

She specialised with life drawing classes at the Royal College of Art, Kensington (1967) as well as attending Goldhawk College of Art London (1968). Portrait drawing, painting and watercolour were her main interests at the time.

Since 2015, she studied a new medium with digital abstract and surreal painting and finds it more creative, exciting and modern. Her high quality digital artworks are printed on canvas in various dimensions with some in portrait orientation or landscape. Most works are created using scenic or landscape scenes with a surreal imagination.

She has studied and spent many hours experimenting with photoshop though it is a very technical, feature-rich technology to work with.
It would take years to become a technophobe but she just wants to know and learn enough to apply to her art. Her focus is and will always be unique, creative art. The technology adds a new dimension just like paints, watercolours, ink, charcoal or pencil used to.

All of her digital prints enhance interior decor with imaginative and colourful subjects and always attract attention because they are very unique, surreal representations of the real world.

Johnnie Wrobel