Artscapes Studio

Artscapes Studio

Hello and welcome, lovely people!

My name is Janice and I grew up in New England close to the coast, many days were spent on the beach. I have four daughters and seven grandchildren, I worked as an administrative assistant most of my career and recently was laid off. I was lucky enough that I was able to forefill a life long dream of visiting the island of Santorini, I think I left my heart there and would love to go back and see if it's there.

When I find myself in ceaseless magnificent scenery, I live for preserving special moments with my camera. For me, it's a transcendent experience to marvel at the world through my lens and to fully get lost in the process of capturing a picture. It allows me to truly become one with my subject and my surroundings. I feel like photography provides me the opportunity to show nature’s stark beauty through a different set of eyes. I love how it has the ability to inspire and evoke emotions in others. Photography is just one of my adored mediums, I also love to write, but lately that has fallen by the wayside as I am now really trying to express what I treasure about life and this wondrous planet, I hope you enjoy!

Much love,