Mike Byrne

Mike Byrne


I've working with concrete for over 35 years. I specializes in bas-relief tiles, wall hangings, and geometric shapes. I like working in concrete because of its unassuming raw texture, while at the same time providing a reassuring feel.

My work is heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, Arman, and Art Deco architecture.

Many of pieces are cast from handcrafted molds made of plaster, wood, rubber, and found objects. Concrete allows me to embed glass and found objects to create new and unique pieces that challenge typically held beliefs regarding what is art.

I like to use found objects to create fun and satirical art pieces. My focus is on elevating mass-produced objects to celebrate industrial designers who have created artistic pieces that are often overlooked. I serve up objects in unexpected ways, but try not to disguise their original purpose. I often add titles to my pieces that are intellectually playful and produce a connection to the viewer.

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