Advanced Diploma Printmaking

Advanced Diploma Printmaking

I have worked on my own projects including a now published online comic strip; Earwigo. This became the centerpiece for developing creative writing, logo designs, web publishing, sticker screen printing and even a limited edition Skate "Zine.

I am keen to foster my personal identity as an artist and draw influence from contemporary sources. Again picking up on a long held ambition to succeed in the field of art; I set off having completed Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at North Metropolitan TAFE. ‚Äč

My new works examine past events and priorities in the context of an informed way forward. I am interested in what ways past works can inform and claim currency. Initially in focus was my attendance and participation in the 1988 Australia Day skateboarding competition at El Caballo Blanco in the Avon Valley.

A bottle as a vessel can carry a short note away but in a song by The Police; reply came by the same means. I found there were interweaving themes with reggae songs and some titles, groups and artist's names feature in my work. In many works stenciled font references the packaged nature of guidance, which is easy to store for future reference. It is my hope that printed materials that are overlaid, masked or cross processing with other mixed media unfold with unforeseen narrative.

Message in the Bottle