Art by Riikka Nikko

Art by Riikka Nikko

I was born 21st of February 1988 and as soon as I learned how to walk I felt strong desire to express myself in artistic way. I knew quite early what I want to become as grown up and as soon as I graduaded from high school I applied to Kokkola's Nordicartschool. After three years of studies I got very good basic information about different techniques of different ways of art making and besides of that I managed to perfect my own artistic abilities.

At the year of 1999 I found myself inexhaustible sourse of theme and inspiration which has repeated through the years and that is history. Medival times and in its mysterious twilight wandering Richard III the King of England who is greatest one of all my inspirers. I love to depict those historical events which are connected to him of which veracity I have stretched a bit with my artist's freedom.

Sometimes my theme has caused great disapproval in my inner circle which includes my fellow students and teachers. Nevertheless I have stayed faithfull to my style and especially to my theme which had helped me to carry on through difficult times.

After Kokkola I applied to Artschool of Kankaanpää after one of my teachers had recommended it to me. In there my creative expression devoleped further more and by the help of my inspiring teachers I published two children's books and many short films with movie making tools.

The group and the audience which I am aiming at my art are great friends of history whom don't take things too seriously. Usually I toss some humor into my pictures and the people who know this business will always get the joke behind the seriousness and it makes them to laugh.