Nojeem Muse Fine Art

Nojeem Muse Fine Art


Anigilaje Nojeem Muse is a self trained artist and later studied drawing and painting at the Federal college of Education, Akoka Yaba Lagos.
Nojeem Muse Also had is industrial art internship training in Labasco Art studio, Ajah Lagos where he studied graphic design and industrial art for 6 years with extensive practicals.
Nojeem Muse is a founding member and key figure of society of Nigerian Plein Air painter. He has been practicing and teaching Art fully across the country since leaving school. He has a trail of group exhibitions behind him and a private solo show in Ikoyi, Lagos in 2015 At the Black Month History Event.
Painting with palette knives is one of the feelings that always gives my soul powerful voice to communicate effectively with my audience and community in a positive manner, painting impasto is beyond application of thick layers of colors and strokes to me, the more texture my impasto create the more it add positive value to the thinking of the viewer.

My portfolio is reflective of a balance and tension between old and new. A love of impressionism and representational-ism yet a desire to explore contemporary themes results in vibrant transitional work. I have a strong internal drive to produce both small works/studies and larger exhibition and gallery sized works that represent the forefront of my work direction. Both new and established collectors will find work in my portfolio that suits their ambitions.
My work is not defined by color palette or subject, but rather by texture and gesture. You will find a broad array of subjects and color use in my paintings, which I find very liberating. However, one color keeps coming back to me as a signature and keeps finding its way subtly into my paintings. It's a color name that is known more by its aroma than chroma. Can you guess what it is?


Seeing an artist work starting, you are seeing the beginning of madness that could tense you, and if you look at the end of an artist work you are seeing the end of the madness that will calm you.

Selected Exhibition and Art Events

In our mind, an exhibition of paintings, Branold Art Gallery 2011Art Symposium, Temmy College Lekki , 2011 World Environmental day, Muhri Okunola Park ( Outdoor Painting event ) 2012Art Symposium, Faridah Muslim school, Awoyaya Lagos, 2012Bar-Beach Colour splash, Bar-Beach ( Outdoor painting event ) 2012THINK-EAT-SAVE, Unilag waterfront ( Outdoor painting event ) 2014 Paint Out Lagos Island , Tinubu Square ( Outdoor painting event ) 2014 Paint Out Lagos Island , Tafa Balewa Square ( Outdoor painting event ) 2015.Art Symposium, Retwall Montesori school, Lekki Lagos. 2016
SOGAL ART AUCTION( Signature Gallery, Ikoyi Lagos ) 2016
Art Symposium, Nimbus Art Gallery 2017.
APHRODELIQUE, an exhibition of paintings, Glee Hotel 2017.


BLACK moth history event, Private solo art show , Nimbus Gallery, Ikoyi Lagos 2015