abstracte toni

abstracte toni


After some time making pictures for my enjoyment, friends and family have convinced me to look for more people to know my paintings. It is true that no more paints fit on their walls.

Following this recommendation, I have placed my paintings to the largest window in the world, Internet.

In my paintings I try to convey emotions, sensations, through color, shapes, and sometimes a somewhat surreal image. Like it or not, I'm sure it does not leave indifferent.

All my paintings are original, sometimes inspired by nature, the world, the universe, and also some painters, masters of this art that I like so much.

In them, I always try to find coherence and balance, following a planned design of the picture, and looking to bring some creativity to our life. It can not always be achieved, but the interest, and the passion that I bring, in some way, can be perceived.

As I said, each painting is original. Although some of those that can be seen on the Web are sold, I have left them as an exhibition, so that you can see the different possibilities of painting. I can always do some similar work, but it will never be the same.

I hope you like them.