Charith Pelpola

Charith Pelpola

I am a documentary-maker by profession, but I've had a strong focus on art from an early age.

During my career, I have been lucky enough to travel across Asia and film some of the most endangered and unique species of animals in the world – from the last population of Asiatic Lions in India, to the almost extinct Philippine (Monkey-Eating) Eagle, to the primeval Komodo Dragon of Indonesia. And as a result I have been able to translate some of those unforgettable experiences onto canvas.

My artwork is primarily in pastel or ink, depending on the subject matter. Although I do occasionally experiment with watercolour and acrylics.

My art is still mainly focussed on the natural world, but that has also come to encompass the human communities that still call the wild home. So there are some tribal portraits alongside all the monkeys and the big cats!

I have been fortunate enough to hold several exhibitions both in art and photography in the United Kingdom and in South East Asia. A particular highlight was when one painting, entitled “Waiting For Tomorrow” was a regional winner in the International Windsor and Newton Millennium Art Competition – and was part of a year-long traveling exhibition throughout the world's United Nations regional headquarters.

Another joy has been that some of the works I've produced have been used by various conservation groups to promote their work and raise awareness about their causes. That I have been able to help in such a way has been a huge reward!