Gallery of Sammy65

Gallery of Sammy65

Hello everyone my name is Sammy65 and welcome to my gallery!
I have always been interested in art since I was very young and my first inspirations were animals that I owned during childhood (mostly horses) and various TV shows that I used to watch growing up.
My experience mostly began with graphite drawings and I currently attend College in Tennessee to hone in my skills. I have experience with painting, sketching, drawing, murals and a little bit of photography. I want to be known for many talents and skills rather than one particular style or design.
My love for contrast and color clashing changes the view completely of the subject matter in my paintings and photographs.
I try to become a better artist on a daily basis and always trying to create new and exciting works whenever I'm not in the books studying for class. Right now I am trying my best to introduce myself into the art world with confidence and hoping to inspire upcoming artists for the future. Please enjoy my collection as I will be making updates nearly everyday. I have a Facebook art page called; Fine Arts of Sammy65. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

Various works in college.

Nature Photographs

Snake Photographs

Previous Works (High School)