Art of Raven D

Art of Raven D

Being shy about her body in the past, Raven developed confidence in revealing herself. She freely expresses her appetite, desires, and bare form through drawn self-portraits of a sensual nature.

Raven has been creating art ever since she can hold a crayon.  It was an on and off thing during early childhood.  However, she became serious about her work as a teenager and drew celebrities based off of photos from search engines, such as Google.  During this course of time, her skills improved tremendously.  She also has taken some art courses.  However, she is mainly self-taught.

Over time, Raven thought to herself: "Why am I still spending ample time on photographs taken by other people?"  Along with the question in mind, she felt inspired for adult-themed art.  At first she wanted models to make this happen. However, it occurred to her that she is capable of posing for her artwork.  She became the star of her own pieces, discovering that confident side she thought that did not exist. 

Raven also enjoys spending her time drawing pets and wildlife.   She keeps her pet and wildlife art on a separate website.

*10% of earnings are donated yearly to an animal-related organization of the artist's choosing.


Pets and Wildlife