Abstract painting is an enigmatic journey, guiding the perceptive eye to explore the boundaries of uncharted territory, severing ties with reality and immersing in a dreamlike realm. My work presents a vibrant tapestry of energetic colors, enabling a profound exploration of depth.

This depth, tangible at a minimum of 10 cm on each canvas, offers a distinct approach to my contemporary art.

The abstract art I share represents a fragment of both the artist and the viewer. While some may pragmatically label it as abstract art, the truth is that it transcends simplistic categorization.

My accolades include the Modern and Contemporary Figurative Art Prize in Rome, Italy (2006), First Prize in Figurative Oil Painting (2004, Thionville), 3rd Prize in Oil Painting (2004, Losheim-am-see, Germany), Silver and Vermeil Medals (2006, ART-INTERS, World Centre for Peace, Verdun), and Bronze Medal (Lyon Biennale). These awards place my work within the figurative art realm, which is seemingly contradictory to abstract art.

Furthermore, I have been rated by Akoun since 2004 and Drouot. While I share little connection with 1870s impressionist art, having been born in the 1960s, it might be apt to label me a contemporary artist. Yet, does my art truly fit into a single category?

My artistic journey led me to acknowledge that canvas painting alone cannot fully express the abstract essence my work embodies. By experimenting with multiple techniques, I discovered that everything possesses inherent symbolism, whether personal, universal, or within the realms of nature and humanity.

This symbolism can be portrayed both abstractly and figuratively. My work blends these two aspects, evident in the supermarket nets that entrap the beaks of birds or dolphins stranded on beaches. Utilizing waste materials from society to create visually appealing art is a primary goal.

Such artworks can be interpreted as the entrapment of materialism and its exaltation within our culture, enhanced by elements like gold leaf or popular icons, all dancing amidst a vibrant, smokeless fire that captivates the eye.

However, these interpretations remain speculative, as art and life form a unified entity, entwining our diverse consciousness.

As we consider representation, we must ponder whether abstract art should be simplified to a mere stain, a Rorschach test imbued with the artistic hues of life.

"Transcend the superficial to reach the essence of art's celestial realm."

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