Nathacha abstract art

Abstract painting is a mysterious thing, it takes us to explore the borders of an unknown continent, breaking all links with reality, walking the informed eye of the person who sees it, through a dream. A web of colourful energy and in my work you have the opportunity to do it in depth.

This depth, which is not fictional but real on a minimum of 10 cm in each canvas, which allows a different approach to my contemporary art.

My point is that the abstract art I am sharing with you is only a part of me, a part of you, the most pragmatic will probably simply call it abstract art, but the truth is that it cannot be put into a simple category.

I have also won several prizes that will testify to this, including the Modern and Contemporary Figurative Art Prize in Rome, Italy in 2006.

First prize in Figurative Oil Painting 2004 - Thionville - 3rd prize in Oil Painting 2004 - Losheim-am-see - Germany 2005 -

Silver medal Inters Art Inters nominated vermeil - World Centre for Peace - Episcopal Palace - VERDUN - Organized by ART -INTERS 2006 - Silver medal bronze nominated - Lyon Biennale - LYON

This places my art in the figurative art category, which is nevertheless the perfect opposition to abstract art.

But also the Akoun rating since 2004 and also Drouot, whereas I do not think I have any great artistic relations with the impressionist art of the 1870s, having been born in the 1960s it would be more appropriate to call myself a contemporary artist, but does my art really fall into a category?

My artistic research has led me to recognize that a canvas painting is not enough to express the abstract art that my works reflect.

It is by multiplying the techniques that I was able to understand that everything has a symbolic character of its own, whether for me or for you, for the animal world or the human world.

Then, this symbolism can be represented in an abstract way, but also in a Figurative way.

Associating the two has been the very essence of some of my works, particularly through the nets produced by supermarkets that can be found in my canvases, which trap the beaks of our birds, or dolphins that come to ground on our beaches, which is why this idea bothers me so much that I have tried to find ways to incorporate it into my work because the use of waste from our societies to make something of art pleasant to the eye is simply one of my objectives.

We can see it, for example, as the imprisonment of materialism and its sublimation within our society, when we add gold leaf, or certain popular icons, all dancing in a smoke-free fire or the look is attracted by its strong color.

But all this is of course not a connotation, but pure speculation, since art and life form a single entity, from which our different consciences so much like to be caught.

But here we are talking about questions of representation, we can ask ourselves if abstract art should be reduced to a simple task, a simple Rorschach test filled with the artistic colours of life?

"Breakthrough the superficial to reach the essence of the sky of art"


Aquarelle, et feutres