Natalya Zhdanova lives and works in Saint Petersburg. She is a member of the Professional Union of Painters and of the International Fund of Arts; Resident of the international magazine "Russian Gallery XXI century".

Today, the painter mainly deals with painting. Natalya uses various styles and genres — landscape, still life, fantasy, surrealism, abstraction— making experiments with various materials and techniques. She regularly participates in exhibitions.
Natalya creates her paintings unconsciously and instinctively. The painter is more than happy to devote all her life to art and, being driven by inspiration, she brings to canvas her extraordinary inner power.

Natalya Zhdanova turns her life impressions, emotions, and feelings into artistic images, thus creating a world of her own, filled with beauty and harmony, in which everyone who enters it, absorbing into that unique world, always leaves a part of her own heart. The painter easily and vividly discloses the idea of her work, making every spectator feel something own, personal, materialized by some unusual means.

Portrait / People

Still life

Fish Art

Birds and animals

Floral paintings

Abstract painting

Russian folk art