Andriy Naboka

Andriy Naboka

Hi! Thank you for visiting my online shop.

My name is Andriy Naboka, I live in Kyiv. I`ve been painting since I was 6 (and now I'm 32). I travel and teach children how to paint. Sometimes I take part in art exhibitions all around the world (in USA, in Europe, in Russia and in Ukraine).

I adore travelling more than anything else in the world. My profession of an artist motivates me to go to distant countries and unknown places and paint whatever I see. I want to enjoy, feel and get to know the most remote corners of the world to show them in my works.

Painting is not only my hobby, passion or job – it`s my lifework. I just cannot stay without it!

I started painting following my father's example. He is also a professional artist (Oleg Naboka). I had always wanted to make such amazing works too. And now when I look at my paintings I'm sure that I really do it well.

In my paintings I use only oil or acrilic colors and high quality canvas. And also i make a graphic works. I give all my heart when I do painting. That`s why my works have been repeatedly exhibited in the USA, France (at several solo exhibitions in Paris), Germany, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Russia. Some paintings were also published in different art magazines.

I hope you'll enjoy them too!