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Hello,my name is Siddhant.I'm well settled in Mumbai&have completed my Bachelors in Management.I live with my Mother who has encouraged,inspired me&has been my pillar of Strength in all avenues of my life.She guides me,helps me&is my Critic too&she has a Dream that I make it Big in the artworld.I use oil&acrylic paints,on Canvass,glass,MDF boards.I love to paint Abstracts&lots of people like my Egyptian figures&paintings,as I enjoy painting them too.I have done paintings with Social causes&woman based themes too.I'm confident you will but my work,as most of them,also have spiritual base,which is coming from deep within.As my name suggests,I believe in Values&principles of life& it is my endeavour to try my Best to follow them.Thanks for stopping by.


Egyptian art

Powerful &Modern Women