Ojaswani is from Mathura, India. Art has been part of her life for years now. The roots of her artistic journey lie in depicting scenes from Hindu mythology in her original way guided by the wall sculptures in century-old temples of north India.
Along the road of her creative journey, she has chosen to express herself through contemporary impressionistic, expressionistic as well as romanticism abstract approaches to painting and Portraits. She believes art is everywhere and nowhere at the same time- like being, like a god.

“Art has put me to the path of peace and self-discovery. I believe art is the heart’s way of reaching into the unknown. The process of transferring my soul on canvas through colors and shapes is gratifying.”

Inspired by Krishna, Ojaswini's paintings seek an emotional response to the beauty and spirituality that are one with nature. Her style is mainly design-oriented with bold and pure colors applied vividly with brushes and strokes