Geraldine Junior

Geraldine Junior

I use my paints to express what I am feeling. I’ve been drawing and doing things with my hands since I was about 5 years old.
My voice is in my acrylics and oils, my tears are my watercolors, I am still rising from my ashes and finding my way back into my art. I spent most of my adult-life trying to please everyone else and my regret is that I stopped doing my art. I have been at peace every since I came back to my art.
I view my art as a way of releasing my energy. I enjoy using colors to illustrate and capture emotions and to layer them onto my canvas. I enjoy working with primary colors and creating new colors that relate and release memories that engage the viewer. My hope is that people who view my artwork and have peace and contentment when viewing my paintings, illustrations, and photography as I feel these are what I do best! I hope to draw you into the hues on the canvas and let my inner-most thoughts be released through the colors of my palette.




Oil Paintings