Lisa Rasmussen

Lisa Rasmussen

Lisa Rasmussen MFA—Santa Monica, CA
Is an Artist, educator, curator, creative coach, and art advocate—believes art can transform and heal the world.

Lisa is an award-winning professional abstract painter, who has been represented in galleries in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. For her painting is a very visceral, physical, and metaphysical process. Rasmussen’s paintings have been called abstract expressionism, with a spiritual twist. A key conceptual element of her artistic process is the study and travel to ancient cultures and sacred sites around the world.

Rasmussen is also a cat lover and has created character called Kitty Bliss. KittyBliss is the world’s favorite eco kitty, protecting the environment and searching for bliss.
“Kitty Bliss” is a state of “Being” Being in a state of “Here and Now” Acknowledging our Vital Presence and Total Connection to the Unfolding universe…..Tapping into our own Personal Bliss.Kitty Bliss is inspired by the Divine presence of Cats in my life. Just be observing them, I see how they capture “Bliss” when purring, In the sun….while rolling on their backs or on your lap. Looking at you with pure love in absolute Kitty Bliss!

Rasmussen earned her BA in Sculpture & Ceramics and her MFA in Arts & Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA. She earned several academic awards, including Graduate Student of the Year, in 2008, and Alumni of the Year, in 2013. Rasmussen serves as Executive Director and Co-Founder of Art 4 All People in Malibu, CA. She is also Co-Founding Director of the non-profit, Art is Moving

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