Artist Jamie Mossier

Artist Jamie Mossier

Cherokee Nation Artist Jamie Collier Mossier lives in rural Chelsea, Oklahoma.
Mossier works predominantly in painting, while music, fashion design and art has been a lifelong interest, full time mommy to her children is her number one job. Having her studio in her home and a tremendous amount of help from her husband keeping up with the two toddlers as well as having family close by makes it possible.
Mossier was born in Claremore Oklahoma to Cherokee Nation Artist Rev.Jim Collier and Artist Charlene Hanson Collier, second of seven children. Mossier is married to a 20+ year LEO and she has three daughters and one step daughter and one son and one soon to be son-in-law. Mossier's parents involvement in the ministry included traveling and staying gone for months at a time, so luckily with it came the benefits of studying many different cultures including Native American, Cherokee churches where hymns sang and sermons preached were in the native Cherokee language. Mossier appreciates the understanding and knowledge of biblical discussion and musical involvement has become a charished and thoroughly valued art form in recent years, although the rebellious adolescent met it begrudgingly at times ...Mossier was in private school through high school and studied music, art, design, fabric draping, sewing, pattern creation, showbiz fashion design and pageant wear design to name a few. Specializing in creative detail, in stone setting, backsplash and luxury shower designs and her favorite, mosaics, and of course, more detail meant more enjoyment. Always an art dreamer she would always be working on ideas, it couldnt be something simple, inventor of many things, but always finding another way she had worked art into her work, untill the day her work would be art.


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