Anne's ARTS

Anne's ARTS

I was born ARTIST.
Grew up in Quebec, Canada. (Eh oui, je suis fière d’être Québécoise)

Former Graphic Designer. Who worked for a bit more than a decade in the Industry.

Just a month before the hurricane Katrina, I moved in the Baton Rouge area.
Starting a new life with my wonderful husband and his little family.
When the possibility to go back to work, opened back to me, the Graphic market changed
a lot from what I was used to in Quebec.
Starting back from beginning in retail for few years, was not giving me any satisfaction.

So I decided to give ART the place it always wanted in my life...

Film and digital photography is one of my hobbies.
Knit, crochet, tatting embroidery and sewing are some other activities that keep my hands busy.

I am always looking for COMMISSIONS and SHOWS opportunities.