Sergey Alekseev

Sergey Alekseev

"Creating a picture is easy - you just need to place the right paint in the right spot." - Sergey Alekseev

Inspired by the late '60s photography, Mr. Alekseev became engaged in it professionally in 1979. The first serious assignment was a coverage of the Soviet national team in freestyle wrestling at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, where he was born and currently resides.

Further journalism photography studying in early 80s contributed to the discovery of new facets of his talent, the ability to see, feel, and bring it all to the audience.

In 1983 - 1986 Mr. Alekseev covered World Figure Skating Championship. Later, in 1989 Mr. Alekseev was awarded the diploma for his outstanding contribution to the development of photography which took place in Moscow.

Creative seeking man, Mr. Alekseev leads a charge. Feeling the need to more fully reveal the possibilities of his talent, in 1989 he turns to painting. By creating his own original technique, he paints a series of landscapes of Russian nature which surrounds him. Thousands of his works now reside in private collections around the world.

Relentless once again, Mr. Alekseev switches gears to capture life around him behind lenses of his camera.