When my daughter went away for college, I found myself with all this free time now that I wasn't looking after her. I was lonely and depressed. I am a scientist by training and I work in a biotech industry. I loved painting while growing up. Although I chose science as my profession, I never stopped loving art. I never had formal training in art but I used to go to local art school and kept art as a hobby during all these years.

I decided to revisit my long lost interest in painting and drawing. I started taking art classes at various local centers. I love all kinds of media, but charcoal and acrylic are my new favorite. I love drawings, portraits, and still life. Nature is my primary source of inspiration, while imagination is my secondary source of inspiration. I love how color reacts with various media and stimulates various emotions and reactions. I showcased my work at the JP Spring fair on June 1st, at the Monument on Center Street. All paintings here will be unique and original. Most of them are on canvas of various sizes, but some other media also will be displayed.

Last year I raised some funds for Saint Jude Children Hospital by selling my art work. This year, I am working to raise funds for St. Jude’s and The Lustgarten Foundation for Cancer Research and would love to continue to donate.

All proceeds go to charity.

Visit my facebook page: @artistchaitali or follow me on Instagram: chaitali4190

Wall Art

Life Drawing and painting


Still life