Abstract Ink

Abstract Ink


I am an Abstract Ink Artist, local to Reno, NV. I have been drawing my whole life, but I only took one art class. It was in seventh grade, and my teacher failed me. I have since gone on to slowly, but surely, make my unique style of ink art known. I have attended both the Farmers Market, and the Arts and Wine Festival in Reno. I was featured with a group of other artists in the Reno News and Review. Apart from that, my fanbase has been on a more personal level, selling to friends and online. My biggest fan is my significant other, who is always been the most supportive and motivational, not to mention inspirational, person in my life. I hope to start going to galleries soon!

*I do take requests, and I shall not charge for the initial labor. Once finished, if you want it, I will charge then.

You can reach my art here on this webpage, and my DeviantArt account is: