Vladimir Kazakov

Vladimir Kazakov


I has been painting since the ends 1980's. I has learned my techniques from some at the most famous artists in the world, studied a huge amount of art books.Most people say, that I have a special handwriting and individual traits in my paintings, which was formed for long thirty years of my creative life. But I'm not sure, if is it true. "If I can fill another's need for one of his paintings, then I’m doubly happy."

I tried practically all styles in paintings. And today I divides my work equally between:
- Icons; - Portraitures; - Female Forms; - Landscapes; - Seascapes; - Still lifes; - Figurative paintings; - Cubism; - Surrealism; - Pointillism and the other styles.

Nude Style Paintings

Cubism Style Paintings

Abstract Art

Composition of genre

Oil Portraits of Woman

Landscape Paintings on Canvas