Art in the Raw

Art in the Raw

I am in love with the diversity of the human experience. The fact that each and every one of us is so very different, and yet at the core of our being we all desire the same basic things- To be heard, understood, loved.

My work incorporates these raw emotions and presents them in their most basic forms. There is an unspeakable beauty that lies in the idea that we are all interconnected by these core desires, which is the focus of my work.

I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Visual Art in Miami before relocating to Orlando, FL to begin my graduate education in Mental Health Counseling. This passion for the human experience remains consistent in both my work as a counselor and as an artist. Growing up on the coast of Florida, I was raised on salt water and tropical heat. The influences that show in my work include surreal portraiture, the surf/skate culture, and the rich diversity of urban Miami.

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