Artifex B.S.


I am a life-long lover and creator of art!

I saw my first abstract piece at 4 yrs old, painted by my late Great Grandmother.
I was mesmerized and right away I looked up at my aunt and told her, "I want to do that", and thus began my artistic journey.

All my life art was just fun, or an outlet to express myself.

All my life everyone I met was mesmerized and impressed with my art.

All my life I was encouraged to do something with my talents.

So here I am, 20+ years later and finally giving myself the space to really make a name for myself and what I can do.

I used to struggle with the feeling that I never had a specific style or identifying techniques.
Now I am so proud of my versatility and ability to adapt to the needs and wants of current and future clients.

I am confident and skilled in most mediums, such as watercolor, acrylic and oil. I can work with any size, with my largest piece being a 6x10ft wall mural.

I like to use a lot of color and while I find abstract and impressionistic pieces more fun, I enjoy the challe of color matching and creating more realistic pieces as well.

I often use photo references to then render into a painting, especially portraits and figures. However I also l like paint designs, patterns, symbols, shapes, and abstract ideas for pieces as well!

I have so much to offer of which I've already done, and even more to offer of what I am capable of for the future!!

So if you see something you like but you want something more personalized and specific to you, let me know!!!
You don't have to only choose from my current collection! I love making new things every day for those who love and appreciate what I can do!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


Digital Pieces

Already Sold Commissioned Pieces