Art Geometrix

Art Geometrix

Welcome to Art Geometrix. Specialists in geometric art.
We are based both here and on Youtube.
First of all we have reproduction prints available for sale and on Youtube we have a series of exciting light show and speed painting video.
Simply search by the same name..
In our print store we have art works based on the flower of life pattern, mosaics and a newly released infinity flower style collection.
We hope you find what you're looking for.
(If you live in Europe, shipping costs may get quite high. In such a case contact us on our website and we will see what we can arrange for you, though this would be subject to a full down payment upon placing the order with us.)

Hexagon style art prints

Circled square geometric art prints

Brick effect geometric art prints

Angular pattern geometric art prints

Spotlight pattern geometric art

Net pattern geometric art prints

Circle pattern geometric art prints

Infinity pattern geometric art print

Mosaic designs

Flower of life geometric art gallery