I have always loved art and loved creating things. I started painting in 2014 as a way to deal with a monumental loss in my life and it was just a passive thing I did when I had extra time. In 2019 after another huge shift in my life I returned to art and painting but had found a new medium, watercolor. I started out by following tutorials on and it blossomed from there into a love of this medium. I started branching out and found more resources to practice, learn and grow.
I have a fantastically talented husband who is far better at drawing than I am and he has helped me on my journey pushing me and helping me to create this wonderful art. My passion for art and creativity doesn't stop at the end of a painting it continues in my life and through my children. My children love to do art as well and we make it a habit to do something creative everyday.
I challenge you, whomever you are reading this to try and do the same, do something creative everyday and make the world a better more beautiful place.
Thank you for supporting me and my art.