When I first started drawing, all my horses' legs were in a row and evenly spaced. They looked more like! My dragon's wings were straight, they had no elbow. Poor things couldn't fly, and I'm too embarrassed to tell you about their faces! Suffice to say, hideous.
Then my older sister started giving me tips, and I learned from her drawings. My older brother, one Christmas, got me a sketchpad and a book of how to draw textures. I used that book like it was a bible and quickly ran out of pages in my sketchbook!
All through my high school years I went, drawing and scribbling, doodling and designing. I only sketched back in those days. I only ever used pencil and I was trying desperately to get my sketches to look as good as my older siblings'.
Well I'm proud to tell you, now I'm getting pretty close. I adore sketching still and find it the most relaxing of all, but I've since branched out to colored pencils, and also on to paints.
It's when I hit the paints that my whole world really exploded. I set brush to paper and all of a sudden I couldn't stop! This new form of art must be some kind of sorcery, right? One day, all alone in my apartment, I sat down at my art desk with a watercolor sketchpad, a cup of coffee, and set my music playing. I didn't stop, I couldn't. Piece after colorful piece just poured out of me that day and when I was finished, I had 14 new paintings sitting on my floor drying. 14! I didn't even know I could paint yet!

Art has been with me, even when nobody else was. I have spent many hours by myself just scribbling my feelings and desires onto a page. It's one of the most relaxing things I do (along with yoga, car rides, and biking). Now I would like my once-hoarded works of art to be out there in the world, being seen (and critiqued? :) ) by as many people as possible. It's the next step in my art life, I believe.

Now don't get me wrong, I've made it pretty apparent that I love art but it is by no means my life and career. I currently attend NDSU and major in Zoology, hopefully graduating next year when I can FINALLY be done with school! I hope to someday have a job that lets me be outdoors almost constantly and explore new places, meeting every animal imaginable. I was going to be a veterinarian before I decided it wasn't for me, but I still love animals, especially wolves...which you already know if you've seen my gallery ^_^
I am also interested in botany, which is one of my backup careers. I have a nice paved bike trail next to my house and in high school I went biking on it all the time. Well, one fall I noticed that several parts of the trail had several different types of oak trees and were leaving all sorts of acorns laying around just waiting to be planted. So I helped them out a little! I had so many little pots of baby trees all over the yard my mom told me to get rid of I planted them in the field next to my house.
How does botany play into my art obsession? That's easy: I like to think I'm an amateur photographer, another art form I love dearly. As my little trees were growing I took their pictures. I also grew a garden of tall flowers in the backyard and caught their shining faces in multiples stages of growth (they like it best when I get their good side, and the sun is shining after a nice rain).
Anyways, I'll shut up now! If you've read this all the way through, well you're certainly kind and thank you very much for letting me waste your time on my stories :D

Oh, one more thing. I traveled a lot as a kid. And I mean a lot. My dad had to move around a lot for his job and my mom, my sister, and I would help him move whenever we could (taking AWESOME pictures along the way of course).
Enough about me! Get back to art-ing! ^_^