Art from Remote Connections

Art from Remote Connections

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Art from remote Connections began almost by chance in 2020, when I started improvising drawings during livestream concerts by French-American jazz pianist Dan Tepfer.

I've been drawing his concerts since the 3rd of august 2020, without missing a single weekly show; at the moment of writing this, I've drawn 77 concerts in total - over 300 drawing improvised on music, every one in A4 format using different materials (pens, ink, crayons, watercolors, wax colours...).

It became a cathartic monday ritual for me, and after one year and a half I thought, why not trying to make something more concrete out of it?

So, with Dan's approval, here I am, opening a gallery on ArtPal. After all it would nicer for the drawings to hang on some wall than to be preserved in a folder at home!

Every drawing has its concert of origin available on Youtube, and some of them have their dedicated video on my channel edited with the real time process of drawing and Dan playing, side by side.


Silvano / TheLonelyGiraffe

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GOLDEN VARIATIONS - a short & a little bit messy story in comics about drawing these livestreams:

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