Art for Thought

Art for Thought

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I’m an artist currently based out of Edmonton, Canada. My art is mainly inspired from real life events and people doing amazing things. My work also gives a glimpse into my deepest interests such as politics, human rights, and young people with big dreams. The main theme that I am currently trying to evoke with my art is called “Art for Thought”. I mainly use oil as my medium and realism (as well as abstract realism) as my painting style.

I have enjoyed creating art my entire life but have taken time off from creating in the last couple of years to pursue another dream I have, which is to be a scientist. I moved to Edmonton in 2011 from Toronto to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Alberta after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Since moving to Edmonton I have started painting once again and can’t believe I ever stopped.

I know first-hand that the worlds of art and science are not as mutually exclusive as some may believe. Both try to capture reality while attempting to manipulate and enhance it, both require analysis and skill, and most importantly both try to make the world a better place. My interests and passions are diverse but ultimately my goal in life is to inspire in myself and in others critical thought, empathy, and awareness; whether it be through art, science or both!