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Artenitta's Corner

Welcome to ARTENITTA'S CORNER. Mariana's Art & Crafts.

From now on you will be able to get to know the artistic versatility of Mariana Risquez as part of the opening of her permanent on-line exhibition here in ArtPal while enjoying her music and the feelings of her own songs at

Biographic note:
Venezuelan singer/songwriter, Mariana Rísquez debuted her work as an artist(painter) on Thursday April 12 2012, in the spaces of "La guayaba verde" Galerie/Restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela opening the exhibition "The Color of My Expressions." And on Friday the 13th at the same time, the artist presented her musical performance entitled “The Melody of My Expressions", joined by renowned musicians as Daniel Jauregui (Guitar), Ladera Wilkins (Piano), Efrain Gonzalez (Drums), and Heriberto Rojas (Bass).

From adolescence Mariana Risquez has been devoted to the perfirming arts, song writing, and more recently has evolved as an autodidact painter. Here we have a sample of her larger collection entitled "The Color of My Expressions". Her naive, surreal, and abstract paintings are a way for her to reveal what she knows and does not know of her inner world. Full of magic and color her works invites you to feel, narrating the transformation of the artist.

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