Vladimir Volosov was born in 1937 in St. Petersburg. Doctor of Science, Professor, winner of the State Prize, author of more than 100 scientific articles, in 1990 he left scientific career and completely devoted himself to paintingAt the threshold of his fifties, he decided to live one more life, a new, alluring life of the free artist. He walked away from his established scientific career and completely devoted himself to painting. .”One can find, though rarely, people for whom to live one life is not enough. And they manage to live several lives within the same God-given amount of time…”- so wrote about him in press.
Over the last 25 years he have authored over 1000 paintings (oil on canvas), and have had numerous personal exhibitions in Russia, Europe and the US. Main direction of his painting - lyrical realism and abstract compositions.
The main directions of his paintings are lyrical realism, impressionism and abstract compositions. His paintings are about light, color, atmosphere and space. For him the most important elements are light and color and their juxtaposition/nexus/meeting of shadows and other colors
His works are currently held in galleries and private collections in Russia, USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Israel, and Japan.

Award & Distinations
2004 - Membership in Russian Derzhavin's Academy of Art
2009 - Special prize at the Moscow International Festival «Art preview»
2010 - Two gold medals at an exhibition at Asa Art Gallery ( New York)
2012 - Volosov’s paintings was included in album «International Contemporary Artists» Vol IV, New York


People and Figures

Lyrical Landscape

Still Life

Sea and Ocean